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Northern California is the ideal vacation escape. The urban density and attractions of the Bay area mixed with the vibrant culture, varied dining, and breathtaking sights create the most inspiring vacation backdrop.

But if you head just outside its parameters, you find rolling redwoods standing triumphantly above the cliff sides, broad ocean views, and some of the grandest wineries in the world. This is Sonoma County: 60,000 acres of vineyards, over 425 wineries, and hundreds of miles of enthralling outdoor trails waiting for you.

There’s a beauty and elegance in Northern California that can’t be found anywhere else. When vacationing in the coastal region of Sonoma County, you can find an unending supply of activities, from eating at the captivating and acclaimed restaurants on the water to visiting the many family attractions.

We provide an instant highlight reel of the spectacular things to do in Sonoma while you stay at one of our luxurious Northern California vacation rentals.

The Wine of Northern California

Sonoma is unrestrained wine country, and you can find unending, exclusive wineries filling the county to sample and refine your palate.

Take a turn down to some rural regions to find acclaimed local wines that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Indulge in a tour of any of grounds of the local wineries or just stay in a clubhouse and sip delicately on a flight for the afternoon.

Many of our visitors craft their entire journey around the acclaimed and world-renowned Sonoma wineries.

Outdoor Recreation

Sonoma County has the distinct pleasure of being gorgeous during every season. The mild weather and delicate ocean breeze can take you away as you explore the redwood forests, walk the local trails, bike dedicated paths for bicyclists, explore the caves, or play some sports at many of the community parks. Take it to the outdoors to absorb every ounce of the revitalizing Northern California air.

California Dining

All the above things to do could be considered busy time to fill in the gaps between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner with the plethora of exciting Sonoma restaurants available.

We can lead you to some of the most accomplished and iconic Sonoma restaurants. The area’s seafood is unprecedented. The county represents flavors and dishes that span the globe, with a classic California regional spin on many of them.

You can’t go wrong stopping by one eatery after another in search of real and memorable vacation experiences.

Romance and Magic in Sonoma

Sonoma County provides couples with a truly unique and unforgettable romantic getaway filled with magic. Step into a rural paradise that is spirited and high-energy, with coastal cliffs you can admire and wine tasting and food experiences you will remember forever.

Families can also enjoy the wonder of the area experiencing Train Town, Safari West, Healdsburg, and more. While families can find plentiful fun activities, couples can build memories and spend some truly amazing quality time together away from it all.

Our vacation rentals provide you with unrivaled access to it all, with amenities fit for royalty. Contact us today for more on our top vacation rentals. Our three to five-bedroom selections are varied with exclusive features depending on your needs and the experience you seek.

Some include backyard patio spaces, fire pits, pools, hot tubs, canopies, and more. They are near to many top Wine Country attractions, wineries, restaurants and activities to give you quick access to all the stunning possibilities of Sonoma County while living in the utmost comfort.