Long Term Rental Application

Many prospective tenants get bogged down in the application process. In order to expedite an application, here are some helpful hints:

1. Read the cover page thoroughly. This page generally tells you how a company qualified their applications. This page also tells you what is required, if anything to submit with the application. For example, some companies, such as Healdsburg Property Management, requires 2 copies of your most recent paycheck stubs as well as a copy of the prior year’s W-2 from your employer.

If you are self-employed, a tax return, profit & loss statement, and/or bank statement/s could be required.

2. Make sure the application is complete. Give the property manager all the phone numbers they need. Make sure your most 3 current addresses are listed, with phone numbers to verify your tenancy. Your addresses will come up on your credit report, so there is no need to leave one out. You will be asked for the information regardless.

3. Just because your credit is not great, doesn’t mean you will be turned down. If your rental history is good, and your job and income is stable, there is a good chance your application will be approved.

4. Always follow up. The average application takes 3-5 business days. If you don’t hear from the property management company after 3 days, call and ask what the status is. Sometimes it’s one of your references that is the hold up.